Videos for modern Dental Practices
Go ahead, do a Google search for "Dentist near me" and see how many results come up.

That's what your potential patients and staff have to wade through when they are looking for their next dental practice.

With the help of high quality video content, you can make sure that your practice stands out from the crowd.
Testimonial Videos That SELL
Testimonial videos are not just something nice to have on your website.

They are a powerful tool for attracting new dental patients because they create a powerful magnet called... Social Proof.

When we see someone who is like us doing something, we feel attracted to it as well. Your previous patient is letting future patients know that your practice is good enough for them too. That's Social Proof.

And that's why a great testimonial from a happy patient will be much more attractive to potential customers than any other form of marketing.

Better yet, social media has the power to spread the testimonial to potential dental patients in your area, which will lead to new patients through your door.

Take a look at this video that explains the concept a little further.
Staff Videos That Attract Top Talent
Hiring the very best dental technicians will make your dental practice a dream to manage and keep patients coming back.

But unfortunately for you, there is so much competition for the very best people with so many practices for talented dental staff to choose from.

So when Scotland's top dental technician is looking for his/her next job, why will she choose you over the competition?

That's where videos of your practice in action come in! Top talent wants to go where they will be happy as part of a team that is progressive and supportive. And the best way to showcase these "soft" qualities of your dental practice is through videos of your current staff.

Again, this is another example of the power of Social Proof. Videos of your bubbly and competent staff help show top talent that their skills and personality will also shine in your practice.
Why videos are a MUST for dental practices in 2019
In the age of social media, there is no doubt that video content is King. But how do dental practices take full advantage of this?

In this video, we explore the top reasons why videos matter to dental practices of all sizes and why we are best placed to help you generate the best video content for your dental practice's social media strategy.
Who We Are
Your dental practice needs awesome videos.

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Gavin has been a photography enthusiast from a young age. He's got many years of experience running his own business and loves taking charge of video shoots and finding the best angles - while keeping everyone smiling for the camera.

Gavin lives in Perth with his fiance. Here is a link to his other business and passion: Scottish landscape photography.
Editor & Fixer
Bravo is an entrepreneur and internet native. He has a keen eye for editing videos in an engaging, modern style - all done in record time. He also does all the logistics in the background to make sure Gavin looks good when he's leading shoots.

Bravo lives in Comrie with his wife and 2 kids.
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